Welcome aboard the bandwagon, because everyone is asking what a “terpene” is. 

The cannabis industry is constantly improving and taking things to new hights. Right now, the focus is truly on the “terpenes profile”. Since it seems that everyone is asking what a terpene is, we asked our highly educated budtenders to break it down for you. 

Let’s begin. 

If you’ve ever wondered why you are tasting a fresh lemon peel, or smelling a crisp forest after a heavy rainfall when you’re smoking, it’s probably because of the terpene profile of the strain you’re consuming.

Skipping the scientific descriptions of terpenes, they’re essentially the compound found in those little hairs on the surface of the flower. Those tiny hairs on the outside of your bud that give it the shine and stick are trichomes, and they’re responsible for terpene production in cannabis. All the good stuff is there. 

What do terpenes do?

Those terpene compounds embody a variety of aromas and flavours, which contribute to different strains having different scents and tastes. 

Think of it as essential oils that were added into the soil of the plant during the early stages of growth. The added “essential oils” (aka terpenes), result in those familiar smells and tastes.

Although the industry is still researching the extent of effects caused by terpenes, it is said to provide different sensations and effects. Similar to how you would use a specific essential oil to make you feel relaxed or energized, terpenes can cause such reactions. 

In terms of strains, most contain a mix of terpenes, but often there will be a dominant terpene.

Here are 7 of the most common terpenes in weed and their profiles:

  1. MyrceneHerbal, Earthy, Musky
    • Typically found in Indicas & Hybrids
  2. PinenePine
    • Typically found in relaxing, Sativa-dominant strains
  3. CaryophyllenePeppery
    • Typically found across strain types
  4. LimoneneCitrus
    • Typically found across strain types
  5. Terpinolene Herbal, Fruity
    • Typically found in Sativa-dominant strains
  6. LinaloolLavender
    • Typically found in Indica-dominant strains
  7. HumuleneHoppy, Woody
    • Typically found in Sativa-dominant strains

At High Tea Cannabis Co. we sell a variety of products that feature these terpenes. Here are some of our terpene-rich strains: 

  1. Myrcene Garlic Z
  2. Pinene Reflect Reserve
  3. CaryophylleneRockstar Kush
  4. LimoneneOG Kush
  5. Terpinolene Ghost Train Haze
  6. LinaloolCheck back soon for updated stock
  7. Humulene Amnesia Super Haze

Comment your favourite terpene-dense strain below.

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