There are HOW MANY ways to consume Cannabis? Image of person smoking a joint in hazy orange background. High Tea Cannabis Co.

Go from cannabis consumer to connoisseur with this handy guide on every possible way to indulge.

When it comes to using cannabis, there are three main methods: Inhalation, Oral, and Topical. Below, we break them down and explain how you can consume each product you see in-store (link our order page).  


This is the “classic” way of consuming – picture someone smoking a joint or a bong. However, there is more to inhalation than the new or non-user may think. 


Raw rolling papers, joints, Raw, rolling papers

Ah…the joints. These can be purchased pre-assembled, a “pre-roll”, or you can purchase cannabis flower and papers to roll yourself. These papers are created from the fibers of flax, hemp, rice straw, and more, and can be rolled with or without a filter. A filter is a piece of paper somewhere between printer paper and cardboard (not coated or chemically treated) folded in a Z, then rolled. It sits at the base of the joint and acts as a crutch – it can filter out some toxins and prevent cannabis pieces from entering your mouth.

There are also blunts, which are rolled using tobacco leaf wrappers or hollowed-out cigars. These have a tobacco flavour and kick, and burn slower and longer than traditional papers do


Smoke pipe, orange pipe, weed pipe

Pipes are smoked with flower (and can also have concentrates sprinkled in, such as hash or shatter, for a more seasoned user). Simply grind your flower, place it in the bowl, and light it while breathing in and plugging the air hole with your finger. Once the chamber fills with smoke, release your finger and inhale.


Water pipe, bong, bubbler

Bongs and bubblers. These are like pipes except the smoke goes through water, which cools the smoke and allows for a smoother pull. Some say that the water also makes it a cleaner smoke due to the water filtration, but this hasn’t necessarily been proven.


Dab rig, dab set
Dab rig tool, dab stick

Dabbing is a process using a special water pipe or rig. This is typically done with hash or shatter, concentrates of cannabis. It’s somewhere between smoking and vaporizing – you’re smoking the vapor that comes from burning the item, but to a different heat than vaping. Here are details how to dab. 


Canaca 510 cartridge, vape cartridge 
High Tea vape cartridges
CBD Vape pack, battery and cartridge
High tea vapes

Vaping has gained popularity over the past few years. It is a process of inhaling vapor through a device (typically a “pen”). This occurs by heating either flower or a concentrate to below the point of combustion, causing it to vaporize and pull through the mouthpiece. 

Find some flower, shatter, and hash for your consumption method at the High Tea Cannabis store near you. For the vapers, we got you too.



Edible gummies, THC gummies, High Tea edibles, THC edibles
Edibles, edible chocolates, High Tea edibles, THC edibles
THC beverage, High Tea beverage, High Tea THC drink
THC capsules, High Tea capsules

Yes, the famous weed cookies and brownies. These products tend to be popular because of the tasty, discreet, and smoke-free nature of consumption. 

There are multiple ways to ingest cannabis products, which can be broken down into edibles, beverages, and capsules. In the legal market, the dosage is regulated, making it more reliable and thus safer than making them at home. These products are absorbed during digestion and typically have delayed effects. Depending on the user, you should expect to feel these effects between 30 min to an hour after consumption

Edibles are THC and CBD food-based items – so, the gummies, chocolates, cookies, and brownies.

Beverages are newer in the market, but another way to ingest cannabis. A liquid edible, one could say. 

Capsules are typically oil-filled pills that you swallow.


THC strips, THC oils, oil droplets, High Tea strips, High Tea oils

Sublingually is when a tincture, a THC or CBD-based product is absorbed through the blood vessels on/under the tongue. These products can be oils dropped under the tongue, or strips placed on the tongue. Most of the product gets absorbed sublingually, but anything that doesn’t will be ingested and processed like an edible – which leads to both immediate and delayed effects. 


THC lotion, Topical THC product, lotion
THC bath bomb, THC products, bath bombs

Topicals are the products applied and absorbed through the skin. Lotions, balms, bath bombs, and oils. They do not “get you high” through intoxicating effects, but provide therapeutic relief and other benefits

With all these options, it may seem overwhelming to a new user. It is important to do research to determine which method is best for you. If you’re unsure, call or visit your local High Tea Cannabis store to speak with a budtender.

For the pros, comment your preferred method of consumption below. 👀

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