THE 4-1-1 ON 510 VAPES

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Aside from 420, cannabis users may have a new favourite 3-digit number. If you don’t already know about 510 vapes, we’re here to explain why these products just might be your new favourite way to get high.

510 refers to the threaded battery design that is standard to a wide range of THC and CBD cartridges. These vaporizers have risen in popularity over recent years for its convenience and affordability. Today, we’re going to show you the top 5 reasons why these products are becoming a favourite. Also, stick around to the end to see our 510 picks!

1. Portability

Starting off, 510 vapes are great for their light design and easy portability. If you worry about where to store your joint from getting crushed or finding a place to keep your chocolate edibles from melting, 510 vapes take all those problems away with their pen sized shape and durable build. Keep it in your pocket or bag, and using it is as easy as the push of a button.

2. Doesn’t Dank (As Much as Flower)

Now, I’m sure most of us can agree that there’s nothing like the smell of burning bud. For some, it may even be therapeutic. But for those days when the weather isn’t ideal to go outside and light up, you may still want some alternatives that don’t result in your entire living room smelling like weed.

The great thing about 510 vapes is that they’re vapes! Meaning the heat goes right up to the point of combustion without actually burning anything at all. So using it doesn’t let off nearly as much of a “weed smell” as the typical joint. Just to be clear, cartridges are still filled with cannabis distillate and extracts, so it isn’t completely odourless. However, it’s a lot lighter than when flower is burned, and the smell and vapor can dissipate in minutes.

3. Cost Efficient

If you’re looking for a great bang for your buck, 510 vapes may be the way to go. One gram of these cartridges last impressively longer than a gram of bud. First off, extracts and distillate contain a much higher concentration of THC than flower. While most buds typically range between 12-20% THC, 510 cartridges often range from 70% THC and higher. This means that it will only take a couple solid hits of the pen to get a nice ‘high’ quality experience.

4. Quick High

We all love our edibles here, but sometimes you may not feel like waiting 45 minutes for them to kick in. What’s great about 510 vapes is that the high comes on at about the same time it would for a joint; fairly instantaneous. Since the process is that of inhalation, rather than ingestion, the spread of THC from the lungs can travel through the body much quicker than edibles, which need to be digested first and processed in the liver.

5. Great for First Timers

Oftentimes, people find it quite difficult to get high their first time smoking. One reason for this is that their bodies aren’t accustomed to inhaling the smoke, and the heat of the lighter doesn’t make the process any easier. On the other hand, edibles are often effective ways to surely get high. But for those trying it for the first time, they can also be a little overwhelming and a much more intense experience than desired. 

With 510 vapes, you’re able to control the voltage and heat settings with the button on the side, giving you the chance to ease your way into stronger and longer hits. Plus, with a higher THC concentration and shorter time to feel the effects, you won’t have to wait long for another toke if the first hit wasn’t enough!

Pro tip: To avoid issues with airflow or unwanted air bubbles, keep the cartridge standing so the oil rests at the bottom. Also, with most 510 batteries, you can preheat the pen by double clicking the button, which can really help on those cold days if the distillate is too thick!

If you’re interested in giving this sweet new product a try, check out some of our top picks below! 

510 Batteries

Spinach 510 Vape Battery: Available in St. Thomas

Riff 510 Vape Battery: Available in Windsor

Good Supply 510 Vape Battery: Available in Scarborough

510 Cartridges

Spinach – Rockstar Kush: THC 69% – 77% (Available in Brampton & Scarborough)

Good Supply – Pineapple Express: THC 76% – 82% (Available in Brampton, Windsor, & Scarborough)

TWD – Sativa: THC 80% – 86% (Available in Brampton, St. Thomas, & Scarborough)

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