Stoner Stocking Stuffers: The High Tea Holiday Budget Gift Guide

Dashing through the snow, with a big fat prerolled jay, over the hills we go, toking all the way! *puff puff puff*

This Holiday season, give people the best gift of all: weed! We’ve got seasonal stoner staples for everyone on your list – whether they’re a $5 friend or a $20 friend.


Redees Wrapped & Redee Preroll 10 Pack by Redecan

These limited edition prerolls are probably the coolest holiday products released this year. They’re the perfect way to add some holiday cheer to every sesh, and a great stocking stuffer. 

They’ve got 15-20% THC – all bud, no shake. 

Available at Brampton, Scarborough, St Thomas, and York West.

Black Cherry Punch Preroll 3 Pack by Edison Cannabis Co.

Treat your favourite stoner to a high-quality smoke at stocking stuffer prices. Edison’s Black Cherry Punch has a beautiful green and purple flower with a sweet, tart, floral taste and scent. The bud is grown in strain-specific microclimates for ideal yield. At 20-26% THC, these are a strong and smooth smoke. 

Available at Scarborough and St Thomas. Also available at York West in 1 gram.


Vacay Very Cherry Chocolate Soft Chews by LYF Brands

Made with fresh fruit from the Okanagan and dipped in milk chocolate – these are as delicious as they sound. They come in a pack of 5 with 2mg THC each.

Available at Scarborough and Brampton.

Sour Black Cherry Gummies by Pure Sunfarms

Made with real fruit, these are just a touch of sweet with a punch of sour, rolled in a thin layer of sugar. Each gummy has 2.5mg of THC for a total of 10mg per pack. 

Available at Scarborough, St Thomas, Brampton, and Windsor.


Juicy Jay’s Candy Cane 1 ¼ Papers

Probably the most perfect gift for any smoker, these are delicious and festive with the reliable quality of Juicy Jays.

Available at Brampton, Scarborough, St Thomas, and York West.

Caramel 1:1 Chocolate by Bhang

For those with a more savory palette, these dark chocolate squares are made of sustainably sourced dark chocolate with a rich caramel filling. Each one contains 10mg THC and 10mg CBD for the perfect balance. 

Available at Brampton, Scarborough, St Thomas, and Windsor.

Eggnog White Chocolate by Back 40

For the eggnog lover in your life. These dime-sized delights are a combo of creamy white chocolate, holiday spice, and 10mg of high purity THC distillate. 

Available at Brampton, Scarborough, St Thomas, and Windsor.


This year we’ve partnered with Tweed to offer a free Holiday Roll with the purchase of any Tweed products. Choose from our wide range of Tweed products and don’t worry about wrapping🔥

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